Illegal Immigration Statistics Arizona


It’s a fact that most Americans believe that illegal immigrations crime statistics is hurting America. Most of the jobs lost in America today are blamed on the illegal immigrants. Every time there is a case of undocumented workers, someone is bound to point out some illegal immigration crime statistics.


The USA has millions of illegal immigrants within their borders. 11 million illegal aliens live in the US today, 57 % are from Mexico, 24 % come from other Latin American countries in Central America. Many more are from distant parts of the world. When you have that many illegal aliens living in the U. S. there is bound to be some crimes committed by them.

Most illegal aliens are hard working people trying to make a living just like Americans but there are some who commit serious crimes. We often forget that the illegal immigrants can be victims of crimes as well. The Paw Hispanic Center did an investigation of illegal immigration crime statistics and found that 40% of all sentenced federal offenders were Latinos. 72% of those offenders were not U.S. citizens.

There have been other studies that do not show a direct correlation between large population of illegal immigrants and rates of crime. This suggests that illegal immigrants’ communities are not full of criminals. The U. S. needs to properly interpret the illegal immigration crime statistics so that the lawmakers can come to an agreement on what needs to be done.

The illegal immigration crime statistics is a system that monitors the crime activities of illegal immigrants living in the U. S.

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